Hello [fname],

Linemark will be upgrading its Order Companion service in the near future. The Linemark e-Business team is proud to present version 4.0 of our outstanding web-to-print service; Order Companion. There are a host of new features in Order Companion 4.0 that we are confident will benefit all of our users. Below you will find descriptions of just some of our new features.

our new look
Order Companion 4.0 has an new fresh look! We have updated the look and feel in our latest release. Right away you may notice the new buttons, logos, and various other design elements. Order Companion 4.0 is still a very powerful system capable of handling your most complicated web-to-print projects.

launch pad
Now you can conveniently access Order Companion's most useful features as soon as you log in, from our new LaunchPad. Order from your digital library, track a previous order, even chat with technical support member of Linemark's e-Business team. We feel that the LaunchPad will further streamline Order Companion's already easy-to-use interface.

live chat
Have you ever had a quick question while logged into Order Companion but felt like calling our support was a little bit much for a quick question? Our newest feature, LiveChat will solve this problem. Connect directly to one of Linemark's on-site support representatives. You will be able to talk to one of the developers of Order Companion and get your issue solved without the delay of e-mails or voice mails.

add new products
Site administrators now have the capability to submit a new product to the Linemark e-Business team. Just fill out the form with all necessary information, and attach a "Print-ready" PDF for us to use in the programming process. Our team will then program the product and then upload it into your site as a new template ready for ordering.

create books online
Now with Order Companion 4.0 you can create covers, upload multiple documents and build tabs all through our easy-to-use interface. View three dimensional PDF proofs of your book online. By creating books online you can save your organization the stress and time involved with traditional publishing methods.
If you have any questions about the upgrade, or just Order Companion in general please feel free to contact your account executive, email@domain.com, or at www.linemark.com anytime. As always, we appreciate your continued partnership with Linemark.